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Frequently asked questions

Why did you decide to name it “chocoMe”?


It was indeed a difficult job to choose a brand name, there were about a hundred different options first, and finally the choice fell on this one. I believe this name is the best in terms of representing the original idea; it is a descriptive, informative name. Because it is “me” who designs the chocolate bar with its toppings and decorations, the way I like it… It reflects my own unique taste, so that the customized bar of chocolate becomes actually part of “me”. chocoMe… Always begins with a lowercase “c”, and “Me” is written with a capital “M” to emphasize the main point of the concept.


How do you make the chocolate bars?


Chocolate pastilles are extremely sensitive materials. Their processing is called tempering, during which the main goal is to achieve an appropriate crystal form of the chocolate, the so-called beta-structure (the fats in cocoa butter can crystallize in six different forms). The three different types of chocolate bases (dark, milk, and white) need to be processed at different temperatures, by continuously stirring the mass for a given period of time using a sophisticated method. In the final stage, we sprinkle the toppings of your choice on each chocolate bar, and keep them in a refrigerator for two hours. After taking them out, the chocolate bars are left to assume room temperature; then they reach the last step of the procedure, wrapping and packaging.


What kind of material do you use for making these chocolates?


We buy all three base materials from one of the world’s leading premium chocolate manufacturers, the Belgian “Callebaut” company. After having tested many different flavors, we selected these three bases with the conviction that they are the most suitable for our finest chocolate delicacies. If you would like to watch a short film presentation about the philosophy of Callebaut and the production of chocolate, go to “chocoMe” and click on “Introducing the raw material of our chocolates”.



Can I order a chocolate without topping?


Yes, because we believe that the taste and quality of our chocolates can offer a unique experience, even without additional flavors or toppings. However, the fine taste of chocolate will stand out even more if you match it with freeze-dried fruits or any nuts or seeds.


I have a great idea for a new topping. What can I do?


Any suggestions and ideas for new toppings are welcome! Contact us via email at After careful consideration, we might include the recommended flavor as a new option on the available list of toppings.


Are all the used materials gluten- and lactose free?


All our chocolates are gluten free. Nevertheless, our milk and white chocolates do contain lactose. Theoretically, there is no lactose in our dark chocolate, but since our manufacturing workshop is not a lactose-free facility, it is possible that even our dark chocolate contains lactose. If you have any questions related to other allergens, please feel free to send us a letter to


Delivery and payment


How long does it take for a chocolate bar to reach me once I place the order?


Once you placed the order, within three business days we will start making your customized chocolate bar, and we need one day to make it. With delivery, all together it takes usually 5-7 business days to receive your personalized chocolate bar. In case of a possible hindrance, we will contact you via your given phone number or email address, inform you about the situation and discuss any further options.


How much does the delivery cost?


The delivery, which is made by UPS, costs 6 usd, and has to be paid by the customer.


During the hot summer days how do you deliver chocolate bars?


If the high summer temperature requires, we will send your chocolates in a thermo-package filled with ice packs. During these hot summer days, please pay special attention to the address you provide for purpose of delivery, and make sure you will be there to receive the mail, because the thermo-package can only guarantee a maximum of 24 hours protection from melting.



How can I pay for my orders?




Other questions


Can you offer me discount for bulk orders?


If you plan to order more than 50 chocolate bars, please contact us at and we will offer you a personal discount after assessing the exact demand.


Can we request customized packaging for corporate gifts?


Yes, there are various options for this purpose. In case of purchasing smaller amounts, we would recommend a sticky label or a colorful ribbon/band on the package to make it even more exclusive. In case of ordering larger amounts (over 500 bars), we suggest an entirely new and uniquely designed package for your chocolates—upon request we can provide the details of our original package design. Surprise your clients, employees or business partners with wholly customized premium chocolate bars!